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Floorboard Installation

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Want to give a new look to your home? Installing timber floorboards is the best option. It gives a classic look to your home or office. And the job is best left to the experts as they have a high level of expertise and are capable enough to handle such a complicated task.

Blackcat Timber Flooring has professional floorboard installers with unparalleled experience in installing different kinds of floorboards. They carefully attend to every detail and working process while laying floorboards which gives a neat and clean finish to the floor.


BLACKCAT Timber Flooring deals with everything related to flooring installations. Apart from getting top-quality floorboards and installation services, you can also get in touch with us for any existing floorboard issues. We specialise in providing customised flooring services for:

  • Engineered floor
  • Solid timber floor
  • Bamboo floor
  • Parquetry floor
  • Laminate floating floor
  • Decking floor

Want to speak to our experts about floorboard installations? Dial our numbers now for the best advice and tips.

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People at Blackcat Timber Flooring always abide by the best practices in timber floor installation. The installation techniques for any new timber floor are based on the type and condition of the subfloor and the type of timber used. Our experts use the required techniques for the best results.

  • Interlocking system
  • Either glue or nails
  • Both glue and nails (Solid timber floorboards)

What are the different scenarios that we work on?

  • We work with timber floor installations in any given scenario.
  • A new flooring over a concrete slab in a new building
  • A new flooring over a worn-out timber flooring
  • New flooring on top of the subfloor after removing carpet, vinyl or tiles

We take full responsibility for the entire project and always meet your expectations. Though the timeframe to complete the work varies from project to project, we always make sure that we take minimal time without disrupting your daily routine.

Laying Floorboards


We stand out in the crowd

BLACKCAT Timber Flooring has always made efforts to walk a step ahead always with our services.

  • Subfloor preparation

In case we find that the subfloor is not proper, we do it. We use the self-levelling concrete paste to level a concrete subfloor, put soundproof coverings to timber subfloors, damp-proof concrete subfloor, etc.

  • Work inspection

We don’t say ‘We have finished our work’ once the installation process is completed. We inspect the entire work and check with the client’s requirements again to make sure that the work is done perfectly.

  • Post-work cleaning

The moment we complete the work, we start cleaning the place. All rubbish and mess are removed and disposed of properly. We ensure that we always hand over a clean and tidy place that is ready to use.

  • Complete service responsibility

When you hire us for floor installation services, we take full responsibility. Our experts provide convenient advice, choose the right floorboard material, suggest creative ideas, follow up post the service, etc.

  • Price quote after inspection

Our experts give you a price quote after visiting your property. They measure the workable area, consider the floorboard material, what floor preparation needs to be done, etc. and then give you the quote.

Contact us if you decide on a floorboard installation! 100% satisfaction at the best price.


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